When reviewing your paper, I noticed you used 19% direct quotes, many were not cited correctly. In order for me to review your paper and give you credit for your work, I need you to revise your paper and resubmit using 10% or less direct quotes. Remember to cite your direct quotes with the author,

year, and page or paragraph number. Summarized information from your sources needs to be cited with the author and the year published. Please view the attached document and revise the highlighted text into your own words. This will make the paper your work and show me your understanding of the topic. Please resubmit your paper by Saturday For your first hypothesis, given your recognition that there is virtually no evidence for it, why do you advocate it at all? Given the duration of symptoms, is a one-to-two day spike in absences likely with WNV, or are sufferers likely to be out for several days? How would WNV explain the band students being affected at two schools? Also, where are your six testable questions? You ask one, but it is not a question that can be answered directly by asking students, parents, etc.

Your second hypothesis, food poisoning, is on target. Push it further, though. Food poisoning by band students eating out at one of the two restaurants with health code violations following the battle of the bands. For your two questions, I am not clear how you would answer the second one,

or what water you are referring to. For the first one, the question is answered via the Health Department information provided with this assignment. grade was a 19 out of 100

Your rebuttal of the haunting claim is on the right track, but again, it needs to be pushed a bit further. The claim is not testable scientifically. It is pseudoscience, and therefore not valid. grade was a 55