Course Paper Guidelines


Paper on Supervision in the Hospitality Industry (Worth 50 points)


 Please review the information below, which outlines the paper

Assignment:  Your paper will consist of a 12 font, double-spaced typewritten report on supervision in the hospitality industry. You may select ANY hospitality company (maybe even one you currently work for) that is of interest to you (For example: Marriott, Hilton, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Darden Group, Houstons, Disney, Six Flags Corporation, any hotel management company, Caesers Entertainment, or an individually owned and managed hospitality business etc).

No matter your selection, you will need to interview a supervisor. If you select a company like Marriott to research, you will need to then pick a local Marriott hotel to be able to drill down to the day to day supervising experience. This will require personal interviews, phone interviews, or even Skype.

Margins should be 1” on each side and a maximum of two spaces between paragraphs.  To receive full credit, the report must be a minimum of 6 pages long, not including the cover page or references.  

*Any Reference used must be cited and listed in APA Format.

Below are listed areas for research that should be included in your report.  You may also focus on any aIDitional aspects that you consider pertinent. 

Project Outline:

  1. Company History:  In detail, describe the history of the hospitality company you selected. This should include a bio of the founding partners; the company’s mission statement, vision statement and any corporate responsibility outreach. Provide an overall picture of this company.
  2. Company’s Human Resource Department: In detail, describe the HR department for this company (or specific locations, if you select a smaller site – for example, a family owned bed and breakfast, restaurant, bakery or hotel). Include a bio for the HR director and/or HR manager.
  3. Supervisor or Manager/Leader at your selected company: Select one or two people in the company who are responsible for supervising or managing a team on a daily basis. Provide a short bio. Describe the area he/they supervise (front office in a hotel; kitchen in a restaurant; director of sales, etc)
  4. Staff.  How is the specific department staffed. What are the qualifications for those positions.  Is the present staffing  levels efficient ?   What, if anything, is management doing to stay ahead of HR trends?
  5. Select TWO topic areas to specifically aIDress regarding supervision that are of the most interest to you from our textbook. Research these areas for the company or small business you selected and incorporate in your interview. For example, from chapter 6 – recruitment, selection and orientation and chapter 8 – motivation.
  6. Summary: Do you think that the management is following the mission and vision of the company as it relates to employee relations? What recommendations would you make regarding supervision in the department area you researched as it relates to the two topic areas you selected?  Do you agree with the supervisory style?  Provide an overall summary of your research.

This paper is worth a total of 100 points. 50 of these points was awarded in Week 6 for the outline that contain the information below:

  1. The company or smaller business you selected to research
  2. The two topic areas you will be aIDressing (#5 above)
  3. The person you will be interviewing and the date established for the in person, phone or Skype interview.
  4. Any questions you have for the course instructor