ABC Hospital is a small, privately owned community hospital. It has been struggling to survive financially, as reimbursement rates have declined and consumers are being drawn to the larger state-of-the-art hospital facilities in urban areas that are perceived to have better quality. ABC Hospital was built in 1960 and has been operating in the same manner for decades. The hospital meets legal and regulatory requirements but has not kept pace with some of the newer technologies and patient conveniences becoming more prevalent in the health care industry.

Write a 50-100 word response to each of the following questions:
•Mandatory Question: What strategies can the organization take to survive, improve its performance, and compete with other hospitals over the next 5 years?
•Mandatory Question: What are some advantages or disadvantages of these strategies? Provide specific examples to support your answers.

Review the scenario below.

XYZ Health Department provides services to county residents. Budget cuts have forced the department to cut back on some services and lay off staff, increasing the workload of the remaining staff. Morale among staff has declined, and county residents have complained that they are not treated with dignity and respect and are not receiving high quality care and service.

Please write in APA Guidelines and list your two references of these two Hospitals. please find them. No Plagiarism.