Undergraduate Nursing Education Admission Questionnaire

All BScN applicants applying with a Pre-Health certificate or as mature students with other post-secondary education, please note the deadline for an Undergraduate Nursing Education Admission Questionnaire.

Admission Questionnaire Questions:
1. Describe how you learn best.
2. Describe how the unique approach to learning at McMaster will help your learning.
3. We are interested in your ability to self evaluate. Describe a situation(s) which prompted you to identify your strengths and limitations. What are they?
• The questionnaire response is assessed by a team consisting of a faculty member, a student and a representative of the community. The scores awarded by these assessors will be final.
• To assist us in our selection process, please place your name on your questionnaire responses. Each question must be answered separately; responses need not be of equal length but the total length of the responses combined is to be no longer than 600 words (2 pages, double-spaced). READERS WILL ONLY CONSIDER THE FIRST TWO PAGES OF ANY RESPONSE. The responses must be typed and double-spaced.