Traumatology – treatment of musculoskeletal disorder with Chinese medicine

? Give An introduction in which you clearly define your topic and justify your choice;
? A literature review that covers what is known about your topic from both a biomedical and a TCM point of view. Summarize and synthesize: i.e. present an organized statement of the findings in the literature, relevant to your discussion;
? Your main discussion / argument. If you have chosen to go down the literature review path, this section is used to critically discuss the literature. Refer to the quality and validity of the material. What are your suggestions for future research? When you are expounding your own perspective, this is where you make your own assertions, statements or suggestions and support them with the evidence you have collected and with logic. In this section, you should explore potential benefits or problems arising from the interaction between traditional Chinese medicine and modern biomedicine; ? Summary/conclusions in which you restate the main thrust of your paper and make any appropriate conclusions and comments.