1. This first question comes from a book written by J. Gibler: To Die in Mexico: Dispatches from the Drug War, Question- Underneath all the horrible stories, Gibler makes a serious effort to understand the violence plaguing Mexico? What are his key points? (no more than 2 pages)
2. Take any two of the readings about US drug policy placed on moodle Summarize the key points of each. (no more than 2 pages, 1 page for each)

3. Course has looked at three periods: The age of American intervention in the Caribbean; the cold war Guatemala and Cuba; and post cold war the war on drugs. One of my basic hypotheses is that the more things have change, the more they have remained the same. What are some of the common threat that cut across all three periods? Are the constants outweighed by the differences? (no more than two pages and the writer can use different sources for this question)