This case study assignment will require you to apply aspects of professional health science practice to a case study created by you.

Question 1:
Using the clinical condition of “ Depression”. In your case study, use the terminology of the ICF to describe how the person’s clinical condition and contextual factors combine to produce the client’s level of functioning at the impairment, activity and participation levels (200wds).

Question 2:
Identify and describe an intervention/activity/project you may use as a health professional in your field to promote this person’s level of functioning. Use literature to support your choice of intervention. Identify what aspects of the ICF your intervention/ activity/ project may target. Identify any risks involved with the intervention and describe 2 risk minimization strategies that will address these (400wds).

Question 3:
Identify and describe the role of another health professional who is also working with this person as part of the inter-professional team. Identify what aspect/s of the ICF their role may target. Use literature to support your description of another health professional’s role. (300wds).

Question 4:
Choose 3 characteristics of professionalism and describe how you will demonstrate these when conducting the intervention/activity/project described in question 2 (350wds).

Question 5:

Describe 2 strategies you will implement to ensure that your practice is person-centred. Use literature to support your strategies (250wds).
?Note: Students should always prepare their assignments using information obtained from scholarly sources such as academic books and journal articles. Wikipedia and non-scholarly sources from the Internet should not be used in assessment tasks.