The Relationship between Patient Satisfaction and Readmission Rates in Hospitals


Concept Paper Template
Seven Critical Sections:
1. Introduction (1-2 paragraphs)
a. Introduction to the Topic
i. Why is it of interest to the learner?
2. Problem Statement (1 paragraph)
a. Represents some gap in the knowledge base and understanding about a real-world phenomenon
i. The dissertation?s purpose is to provide new information (or new knowledge) about the problem
ii. The knowledge could provide new insight, confirmation of facts surrounding the problem, a better understanding of the problem
iii. The purpose is to not solve the problem, only increase what we know of the problem and its consequences
b. Presented in statement format
3. Academic Justification (1 paragraph)
a. Why this problem is worth researching?
b. What is the scholarly justification (rationale) for researching this problem (whose research is the learner building upon)
4. Literature Review (1 paragraph)
i. Provide a summascholarly authors as foundation for your research
b. Be sure to dry of those critical (major) authors writing in this field
i. Use
ii. iscuss the baseline theory
iii. Use practitioner authors to define business application
5. Research Questions (1 paragraph)
a. 2 questions only Keep the questions to one sentence
b. Be sure that the research questions links theory and existing research to what the learner propose to accomplish
i. Begin with what learner expect the research to accomplish (its objective)
ii. Be simple
iii. Be explicit (what or concepts are involved)
1. Involves at least 1 dependent variable (quantitative, for both differences and relationships)
2. May include 1 or more independent variables (quantitative, for differences ? quantitative only)
3. For qualitative, expresses the unknown relationship among variables
6. Methodological Choice (1 sentence)
a. Identify what methodology best suits the research question
7. Ethical Concerns (1 sentence)
a. State that the researcher intends to:
i. Conduct their dissertation research in an ethical manner.