The Nurse Leader/Manager and Impact on Clinical and System Outcomes

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The Nurse Leader/Manager and Impact on Clinical and System Outcomes Paper
•    This assignment provides the student the opportunity to identify a specific leadership theory, briefly describe the theory, link the role of the nurse leader/manager to the theory and discuss the impact of the nurse leader/manager on patient and organizational outcomes.

Write, using APA style, a 3-4 page written narrative (will not be accepted if more than 4 pages, excluding title page, reference page, and any appendices):
Title: The Nurse Leader/Manager and Impact on Clinical and System Outcomes

Use this book below:
Roussel, L. (2013). Management and leadership for nurse administrators. (6th ed.). Burlington, MA:  Jones & Bartlett Learning. {ISBN – 978-1-4496-1492-8}

Leadership Theory (as identified in Roussel—may use others if you wish)
•    Identify and summarize one leadership theory that you use (or may use) to guide your leadership practice
a)    use your resources to learn about the theory but synthesize the knowledge into your own words
Role functions
•    Describe a general overview of the role functions of a nurse leader/manager
•    Explain briefly, how these roles are incorporated into the identified leadership theory
Leader/Manager Impact
•    Discuss how a nurse leader/manager can impact outcomes, not only for the patient and family, but for the organization as well.
•    Describe a leader in your organization that you would consider to be a transformational leader. Briefly describe the characteristics of this leader that sets the person apart. (I work at the Veterans Affairs hospital if that helps in any way)
Scholarly writing is expected (see below).
Be attentive for grammar, spelling, typographical, and APA formatting errors.
You are not required to use resources outside the ones listed in this module. However, the use of aIDitional library resources will aID to your understanding.
Submit your draft paper to the TurnItin Dropbox to review your paper for a report that gives you the percentage of your paper that is original to you. See the Technology Resources in the “Start Here” module to learn how to use this report. You should have an originality percentage of less than 25% (the lower the score, the more ‘original’ your work).
Once you are satisfied with your paper, submit it to the Dropbox for faculty grading