The effects of Drugs and Alcohol in our society

To achieve this standard, the student needs to produce a selection of fluent and
coherent writing, which develops, sustains and structures ideas and commands
attention. This involves demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of audience and
purpose through the insightful integration of ideas, language features and structure,
creating a striking whole.
The student produces a fluent and coherent narrative short story about teenage
friendship, which sufficiently commands attention.
The student does this by:
• Sustaining the central idea of conflicting tension in teenage friendships when
romance enters the picture. A range of observations are effectively integrated to
create a sustained and immediate impression of the “slice in time” conveyed in
the short story, eg. “No surprises there, even without that pose”, “In other
words… indulge in the role of the victim” (1), “Now that I was sitting opposite
her in some trendy caf酔, “Thirteen years it had spanned…” (2), “For all the
effort it took to read her face, I might as well have been illiterate” (3), “turning
my head to readjust my shoelace” (6), “left the princess in the tragedy she
adored” (7).