Topic: The Correlation between race and/or class to quality health care.

The paper must be 5 pages typed, not including cover and works cited pages. The paper must be in APA format without an abstract. The paper must be accompanied by 7 slides of Power Point presentation to discuss her/his findings shared the class.

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Guidelines when reproducing Pictures, Images, Videos, Etc. in Final Projects

Students are expected to :

1. Comply with all guidelines outlined in the Student Handbook with regards to Academic Integrity.
2. Refrain from unauthorized use of print, images, videos, audio, etc. in submissions.
3. Limit reproduced text to 10% or 1000 words.
4. Limit music and lyrics to 10% or 30 seconds.
5. Limit illustrations or photos to 5 or less from one artist.
6. Limit music and lyrics to 10% or 30 seconds.
7. Limit film and video to 10% or 30 seconds.
8. Not exceed a similarity index greater than 33%.
9. Limit submission to no more than 5 images from one source (copied from web page or scanned from a book)
10. Be creative, be original

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