Sioban Nelson (nurse historian)

Paper instructions:
1) Please read the paper by Sioban Nelson (nurse historian) and Suzanne Gordon (a journalist and historian who often writes about nurses). Rhetoric or rupture? What do you think about their position regarding the importance of nursing history?
Please write me one paragraph with 11 lines, you can aID a 2-3 lines if you can’t aIDress the question with 11 lines. Thank you!

2) How might the recommendations of the IOM report on the future of nursing actually influence nurses’ future status?
Please read summary IOM report ( the paper is attached) and right me one paragraph with 11 lines. I don’t want you to read the whole summary, read only page S1 through S8. Focus on key message #1 through #4 and the recommendation on page S8. IOM stands for institute of medicine
3) Please comment on Fawcett’s position about interdiciplinary knowledge and the future of nursing.