When dealing with a first-time patient, it is important to collect all of the pertinent information that will be needed for proper documentation.  It is also important to review policies and procedures with a new patient to accommodate the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements.

Research and describe what you would need to do when a first-time patient comes to a medical office or facility.  Be sure to aIDress the following:

  • Identify pertinent information from a first-time patient, including demographic and insurance information.
  • Discuss the consequences of not obtaining the correct information.
    • How this will affect the patient’s care?
    • How does this affect the submission of an insurance claim?

List all forms that must be reviewed with a new patient per HIPAA’s guidelines.

  • Describe each form and what information is needed to complete it.
  • Identify the purpose of each form