reesearch paper on ideal diet for health and nutrition classINDEPENDENT RESEARCH PAPER
The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to critically consider all of the information you have gathered over the course of the semester as well as any information you have and will gather independently.
This assignment is worth 20% of your grade and should reflect that level of quality.
For this assignment you will be creating what you believe is the ideal diet. You must back your diet with research and references (some references and research from class and others that you have investigated on your own).
Writing Assignment (10-15 pages; for each segment be sure to include WHY you believe what you do and use references to support all of your arguments)
Be sure your paper includes the following:
What proportion of macronutrients should be included in the daily diet? (50 points; 5-7 pages)
Be sure to consider and include discussion about:
· Does it matter if your protein sources are animal-based or vegan or vegetarian based?

· Is your diet high in fat or low in fat?

· Is your diet high in carbs or low in carbs?

· Is your diet high in raw foods or cooked foods?

What about convenience foods? Where do those fit into your ideal diet? Keep in mind everyone is not going to prepare home cooked meals all of the time. (5 points; 1 page)
How do GMO’s and organic food play into your diet? (5 points; 1 page)
Implementation: What are the best ways that people can go about implementing your diet? Be sure to give concrete and specific ways. (20 points; 2-3 pages)
Self-reflection piece: Please go back at look at your original food journal. How does your food journal differ from your proposed diet? What changes need to be made? Will you make them? Why or why not? Overall, what are you taking away from this class that will impact your life, eating habits and health? (20 points; 2-3 pages)
Due wednesday may 5, 2016
me: I am a girl who is 140 lbs, and 5’7. I eat normally, no allergies, I eat meat/dairy. Make up what my ideal diet would be
no big vocabulary needed, just regular language