preventive health care

Discuss the strategies available to engage patients in taking a more active role in preventive health care. Include:

• How to create opportunities to discuss preventive health care;
• How the issues relating to preventive care are raised or framed with the patient during the consultation;
• Practice management initiatives to streamline the delivery of preventive health care.

Use an example of a typical patient or health consumer who would present to you OR you can choose ONE of the following case examples to illustrate your point:

1. A 19 year old woman requesting contraception. She is overweight.
2. A 40 year old man who presents for an insurance assessment. He leads a sedentary lifestyle and smokes.
3. A 46 year old woman who wants vitamin supplements.
4. A 63 year old woman whose mother has Alzheimer’s Dementia and Osteoporosis.
5. A 55 year old man with diabetes who wants to discuss erectile dysfunction.

Consider the question above from your role within the health team. If you would normally not have a direct clinical role in the examples listed above, how could you work with the health team to add value in preventive care to the population that is served by that team?
The length of the assignment should be between 2000 to 2500 words.