Pay for Performance in Healthcare


Submit a carefully researched, and thoughtfully analyzed, paper that aIDresses the following:
What is ?Pay for Performance? in health care?
What?s good about it?
What?s bad about it?

Show me that you understand the problem, and that you can bring to bear some of the material covered in this course. Design your arguments so that a reader who might disagree with you would still recognize the intelligence of the author. I?m looking for your considered opinion, based upon your research and your analysis; not simply a conglomeration of sources pasted together.

The paper should be 1,100 words in length. You will find that this is quite short, for treatment of this topic; so it is important to focus your statements, and make each word count. I always emphasize to students that they should evaluate their sources. Until you have gained great personal experience with the relevant literature, it is safest to stick to articles that appear in the most reputable peer-reviewed journals. I would suggest the following group of sources (certainly not exhaustive, but likely adequate for this assignment). You will find that articles initially much too technical for undergraduate students become less intimidating as your research progresses:

American Journal of Preventive Medicine
American Journal of Public Health
Annals of Internal Medicine
Annual Review of Public Health
British Medical Journal
Harvard Business Review
Health Affairs
Health Care Financing Review
Health Care Management Review
Health Services Research
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health
Journal of Health Economics
Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law
Journal of the American Medical Association