Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Your abstract should be able to stand on its own as a description of your research for the educated public. The abstract should be written with great care to communicate clearly but succinctly the “what”, “why”, and “how” of your project.

The business topic for presentation will be discussed.

Statement of the problem and/or Statement of the Hypothesis
The statement of the problem might be that one type of compensation method is optimal under certain circumstances, or that one type of business is superior to another, etc. It might involve a qualitative or quantitative topic. You may use a specific topic covered in one of your classes to expand so it might be of use at your employment. If your analysis is to be quantitative be sure the data you believe is available is really available. With the time limitation of a semester the data must be available from week one.

Review of Relevant Literature
It is important not to reinvent the wheel. Use what others have done before you make your analysis. A good literature review, with extensive coverage, critical perspective, and penetrating analysis, can help support the thought process. Moreover, such a review provides an opportunity to show you are informed about the field you are investigating.

Custom Order description:
Select topic and submit one page (or less) description of the topic. Include statement of objectives, detail on data collection (if appropriate), survey techniques (if applicable) planned library research, etc.