nursing care or management implications of a therapeutic nursing intervention

A. Select an article from a nursing research journal and critique the article (suggested length of 2?3 pages) by doing the following:
1. Identify the article you have chosen in an APA-formatted citation.
2. Design a graphic or chart to show how the researcher addressed the five areas of a research report (background information, review of the literature, discussion of methodology, specific data analysis, and conclusion).
3. Based on your analysis of the five areas, assess whether the evidence presented in the research report supports the conclusion (suggested length of 1/2?1 page).
4. Discuss ethical issues that may have arisen for the researcher while conducting the research for the article (suggested length of 1/2?1 page).
5. Discuss the type of research used for the study (suggested length of 1/2?1 page).
a. Explain whether or not other types of research would have been appropriate in the same situation.
B. Conduct a literature search to evaluate nursing care or management implications of a therapeutic nursing intervention by doing the following:
1. Identify a nursing care or management problem for a therapeutic nursing situation.
2. Complete the attached matrix to list 10 primary research sources (peer-reviewed articles) you locate in major medical databases.
Note: Submit your completed matrix as a separate attachment to the task.
Note: Credible sources may include professional journals, research reports, professional Web sites, governmental reports, current texts less than five years old, and presentations from professional meetings.
3. Conduct a review of the 10 peer-reviewed research articles in which you:
a. Develop an annotated bibliography (suggested length of 2?3 pages) of the articles.
Note: An annotated bibliography is one that includes not only a brief summary of content for each book or article reviewed, but also contains other relevant comments and information that the candidate believes can be of help for future study. See Web Links below for more information on annotated bibliographies.
b. Discuss whether the researchers present a case for the efficacy of a specified therapeutic approach.
c. Identify whether the researchers chose tools that were similar or different.
d. Discuss whether you believe the tools the researchers chose could have affected their results.
4. Develop an evidence summary of the articles, identifying what key criteria were used to develop it (suggested length of 1/2?1 page).
5. Recommend a specific nursing strategy based on the theoretical models and evidence you found in your review (suggested length 1/2 page).
6. Explain why you believe it is important to use a theoretical model for nursing research (suggested length of 1/2?1 page).

•Give your story a fitting title;
•Tell your story in a dramatic way. You want your reader to imagine and “feel” your experience by providing sufficient, vivid detail.
•Employ “I”-narration (regardless, if your story is “real” or fictional.). The use of dialogue is useful but not required.
•In terms of writing style, you are free to use all your creative and artistic skills. For example, you may write in prose or you may—inspired by Alice Walker—blend prose with poetry, or you may include visual or audio artwork. Choose the style that best fits your story.
(B) Format and Submission
•Length: 5-6 pages total
•Note that visuals such as, photography or drawings do not count towards the pages you are supposed to write.