Nurses are concerned that patient are not being adequately nourished in canadian hospitals.Through the lens of Nightingales theory,discuss hospital nutrition and how nurses might address it to improve patient well-being.

The Essay should be related to NIGHTINGALES THEORY.
Excellent introduction,well developed thesis statement.
Nightingales theory identified and applied comprehensively to current environmental issues.
Well developed Essay with consistent use of transitions and well written conclusions
Introduction should include hospital nutrition and its relation to Nightingales theory while the thesis will discuss how Nurses might address to improve patient well-being.
requirement of 6 peer-reviewed scholarly, current journals- including 4 nursing journals and 2 non-nursing journals.
Soft copy to be submitted by SaveAssign and hard copy to be submitted in class with hard copies of pages from the journal articles used highlighted.
Meet all requirements regarding quotes, font type(serif) and size(12),margins, headings,spacing, pages numbering,citations,references,title page,
Use of approved websites for sources(WHO, Unicef,Health canada,Toronto public health,RNAO,CNO)