How do people with mental health issues who are formerly incarcerated manage their lives once released from jail?

Answer question using supporting information from articles.
Must have Abstract.
and using information from research proposal.

Integrating Project/Fall, 2016/Final Paper/Value: 60 pts.

Name: __________________________________________________________
Page length: 15-20 pages, excluding cover page and references
Proper APA format throughout/double spaced throughout/portrait alignment on page
References: minimum of 15, dated within last 10 years
Grading Scheme
Abstract &Introduction /5 pts.
• Abstract is to be between 150-200 words – on a separate page with 4-5 key words below the Abstract.
• Introduction provides an intro to your paper including your research question.

Literature Review /15 pts.
• Discuss the work of prior researchers. This means summarizing the work that others have done and discuss the existing works thematically, conceptually, or methodologically.
• How is prior work relevant to your current literature review?
• Provide a synthesis and criticism of existing works (theoretical, conceptual, operational, methodological, and analytical).
• What shortcomings and deficiencies exist in prior works?

Theoretical Model /5 pts.
• Based on your literature review above, examine the potential causes of the problem.
• Suggest how a particular criminological/sociological theory accounts for the problem.

Approach and Rationale for Approach (i.e., method) /5 pts.
• Quantitative, Qualitative, Theoretical, Policy
o Specific method and analytic/statistical approach
o Primary or secondary data
o Secondary data:, Source, Description, Relevance, Potential limitations

Results/Findings /10 pts.
• What are your main findings/claims/arguments?

Discussion and Conclusion /5 pts.
• Do your findings/arguments contravene or contradict the findings of prior research?
• Do your findings support the current knowledge about a given topic?
• Discuss the limitations of your own work.
• Discuss what future research you would recommend.

Technical Components /15 pts.
• Free of spelling/grammatical errors; well organized /10 pts.
• APA format/proper citations (at least 15 in total) /5 pts.