Subject:Hospitality with Tourism Management


Critically evaluate the application of theories from operations and service management to one or more of housekeeping, front desk or maintenance to produce operations that are speedy (responsive), efficient and free of defects.


Useful lecture note please read it?

Pay special attention to the aIDitional grading criteria below f.  Read about what affects speed (time), cost and quality (as zero defects) and think about how the behaviour of customers, staff and equipment might impact on how easy it is to achieve each.  You could also consider the impact that facilities layout and design can have.

Read about the properties and arrangement of resources and processes to improve speed and efficiency and minimise the opportunity for defects (lack of conformance to specification).  Remember that articles given in seminars could be a good starting point for this.  Remember also that we want you to debate the nature and design of resources and processes so that the performance outcome can be achieved NOT the outcome itself.

Seminars will be used to explore some concepts that could be discussed in the essay.  You will need to do aIDitional reading of theory and practice so that you can communicate a good level of knowledge and apply theory to a departmental context.

It is advisable to focus solely on one of the departments but you will need to discuss how to realise all three of the performance objectives.  You do not have to give equal weighting to the evaluation of each performance objective or everything that affects their achievement, you can focus on some more than others.

Individual essay.

3,000 words.

Grading Criteria for part 1

General verbal presentation feedback sheet for levels 4-7.  In aIDition you should pay attention to the following:

?    80% of the marks will be awarded for the quality of the content of the presentation and only 20% for the presentation skills expressed.

Grading Criteria for part 2

The college’s grading criteria for level 7 (Masters Degree) will apply. In aIDition you should consider the following:

?    You must contextualise your debate, by this we mean that you must discuss the application of theory in hotels.  The appropriate solutions can be partly justified by the nature of the chosen hotel(s), for example, its quality rating, location and target markets.

?    You must make extensive (but not exclusive) use of books and journal articles referenced in the Module Delivery Scheme, lectures, seminars and on the UCB Online Seminar document for this module.

?    The requirement to satisfy guests is assumed and can be mentioned but you must not discuss customer satisfaction and quality models such as SERVQUAL and the Gap model.  You can mention quality as conformance to an internal specification and debate how conformance is achieved.

?    We expect STRONG evidence of independent reading in particular a good range of contemporary journal material to be incorporated into your essay to support clear lines of argument so as to demonstrate an awareness of current industry and academic concept developments.

?    In-text references MUST underpin lines of argument to make your discussion persuasive.  They must also conform to the format described in the UCB referencing guide.

?    Clear reasoned conclusions which sum up the key points, answer the question set and offer your final judgement are encouraged.


Please note that task two of this assignment is an individual piece of work and should represent your own individual effort.  College policy in case of plagiarism will apply.