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Thesis methodology editing

Dear Writer, there is one more missing thing which is the validity and reliability of the 5Q model. How can you prove that the 5Q model is valid?We need an evidence. I need your help with this regard. Dear Writer, Greetings My Thesis title is THE PERCEPTION OF EMPLOYEES AND EXTERNAL CUSTOMERS ON THE TOTAL SERVICE QUALITY IN HEALTHCARE INSTITUTIONS AS MEASURED BY THE 5Q MODEL . I have attached another paper written by one of my friends which had the fully needed content in the methodology part (which some of them are missing in my paper}. Please take a look at that paper before proceeding to my paper so we will get to know what exactly needs to be there. The second paper title is: The Relationship between Employees’ Satisfaction and Customers’ Satisfaction in the Banking Sector: a Comparative Study between the Islamic and Conventional Banks of United Arab Emirates. Now: What is missing in my methodology part : 1- testing the hypothesis , using tables and numbers …you can find an example in the second paper sent to you.. the data needs to be correct. 2: Regression analysis 3: Factor analysis. 4: Pilot Study Please aID these data with their needed tables and highlight them to me once you are done so i can know which one is each. Please let me know if you need any further inquiries. Best regards, Mustafa