Question 1:

Assume that you plan to start a healthcare related business in your hometown.  What products/services would you choose?  Use either BCG Matrix, General Electronic Model, or MAC Model to conduct your analysis. List your reference(s) in APA format. 

do not simply describe the generic model that you will use — you can safely assume that we all have completed the readings and understand each model.

Instead, focus your discussion on how the model you’ve selected would help you analyze the business or the products/services that you would offer.

Question 2:

In line with the demographic trend, Advantage Home Health decides to offer adult daycare services.  How might Advantage Home Health formulate a prestige pricing strategy and a price bundling strategy targeted to customers who do not have an insurance plan?  List your reference(s) in APA format.

This question requires critical thinking, since the scenario may not be one with which we are accustomed or familiar.  Many adult daycare services are not reimbursed by insurance, and this is the market that Advantage has decided to enter.

Remember to consider your target market and their needs, and to address both prestige pricing and price bundling in your response.

As with other discussion questions, there is no one right answer — so please share your recommendations on why and how Advantage could incorporate prestige pricing and price bundling in their pricing strategy, and be sure to include substantive support for your recommendations (i.e., recommendations must be based on your understanding/application of the course material, not just your personal opinion).