A. Select one of the following factors responsible for the increase in healthcare costs.

1.    Technology
2.    Prescription Drugs
3.    Chronic Diseases
4.    Aging population
5.    Uninsured
6.    Compliance and Litigation
7.    Payment System

B. Write a four (4) page paper using APA format addressing the following:

1.    Taking a base year, how much has costs increased in X number of years
2.    Why have these costs increased
3.    Who or what is mostly responsible for the increase
4.    Explain what is being done to mitigate the problem
5.    Recommend some action items you might take to mitigate the problem.  The action items should be feasible.

The 4 pages do not include a title and reference page.  Deductions: APA formatting, spelling, grammar, punctuation, poor content, etc.  No late submissions will be accepted.

90 points – Content – 18 points each item in B (5 X 18)
10 points – Form – format, spelling, grammar punctuation.