In 1995, the Local Air Quality Management introduced the 1995 environmental act in order to meet air quality objectives (Young, 2005). The local authorities have obligated to periodically review and assess both the current and possible future air quality against the national air quality objective (Young, 2005). In the event that the objectives are unlikely to be met by the respective deadline, it’s mandatory for the local authorities to designate the areas to air quality management and work along with others to meet the objectives .Local measures may include: pledge to develop green travel plans and also using electric powered vehicles instead of gas powered. Also broadcasting information to the public is a considered measure.

In order to monitor and protect the population against risks, several important factors must be put into consideration. Households in high radon areas must have radon monitoring exercise carried out for a test period of one hundred and thirty days. Several engineering solutions have been devised to help reduce levels if found above the action limit of 200 Bq.m/3. It is required that workers in the nuclear plants, or any other fields with the possibility of exposure to ionizing radiation to be wearing radiation badges to monitor personal exposure(Fayzieva, 2004). Once an individual reaches maximum limit of exposure, they should be removed. There are published guidelines on exposure limits to static magnetic fields, to time-varying electric, magnetic and electromagnetic field which can reach up to three hundred gigahertz (Fayzieva, 2004). Basic restrictions are provided on the guidelines to protect against extreme health effects of exposure.

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