Health Care facility

Prioritization of Needs in a Veterans? Health Care facility
Carrington Sherman
Instructor: DORIA CHEGE
Phoenix University
January 10, 2017

The facility intends to handle the needs of the staff, stakeholders and the community at large at different levels. This is due to the fact that their needs are different. The needs of the above groups will be assessed using the following procedures. The paper shall discuss various needs in terms of prioritization and importance. The paper shall endeavour to discuss the delicate balance of priorities between the needs of the veterans and those that affect other stakeholders.
There are a number of ways that the facility intends to use a number of ways to accumulate data that will be used in assessing the needs of staffs and those of the facility. One of those ways is use of questionnaire. This is an easy and resource friendly mechanism that the facility will employ in finding out the needs of the facility and the staff. In this method, the will be supplied with questionnaire where they will be expected to answer questions that are intended to identify their needs. The management and the relevant stakeholders will also be supplied with such questionnaires that with an aim of identifying the needs of the facility.