Students are required to submit a LITERATURE REVIEWto evaluate the evidence to support the nursing intervention(s) utilised in the care of a patient in the specialty patient care setting. Students are to conduct a relevant systematic search to identify what evidence supports or does not support the intervention(s) identified and discuss this comprehensively and critically. Evidence based essay

The main topic: Discuss the evidence to support the presence of family members during the active resuscitation of a patient.

Introduction Your introduction is to tell the reader what you will write about and in the body of your work. State the topic Stimulate readers interest Include in your introduction your thesis statement.   Body of work /MiIDle section (note: not acceptable as a heading in your essay) This section is to include the following: (i) Write in the biomedical style i.e. Use headings and write to those headings. (ii) Review the current literature (iii) Mount arguments for why research findings may be inconclusive or conclusive (iv) Other writing (innovation, ingenuity, new perspectives on the subject area, other perspectives).   Conclusion Your conclusion consists of two parts: (i) Summarises key points/ideas, and links these back to the introduction

(ii) Write wrap up statements/a piece of work which suggests that you have derived a conclusion in your own mind