Diagnostic impact of contrast echocardiography for assessment of left ventricular  function and myocardial  perfusion in patients with coronary artery disease


What information was important to remember?
The paragraph should include the important rules, data, principles, and concepts that were important.

What new knowledge did you gain?
The paragraph should describe new information that you were not aware of until you read this journal article.

How can you apply this new knowledge?
This paragraph describes how you will use the new information in your profession as a health care provider.

What new information reinforces previous learning?
The paragraph should describe how the article’s information reinforces what you have learned previously through
didactic instruction or through clinical experience.

How well or poorly was the article written?
Use this paragraph to: 1. Critique the degree of difficulty you encountered reading the article or 2. Describe
if the article was well written or poorly written.

What important values did you gain from the article?
As a consequence of reading this article, use this paragraph to describe how your life will be affected.
Describe how the information in this article will reinforce, change, or not change your behavior in one of your
roles as a person, student, health care provider, spouse, significant other, parent, friend, etc.

What future research or implications for practice can be drawn from this article?
Describe what information is still required or what information should be explored and developed as a result of
the information and research contained in the article. After describing the required research or implications
for practice, describe the next step on how you would proceed to obtain this research.