Use only primary sources for reference no books. Use PubMed, CINAHL,
The subheadings  for the paper  should include what is a Bis monitor, how does it function, its purpose in the operating room ,its limitations and conclusion.

The clinical question is what is BI Spectral index monitor and why do we use it in the OR?
The Bis monitor is used by clinicians to ensure patient are adequately sedated during surgery. It reduces  the use of sedation medications
Please include how the monitor is attached to the patient,
Bispectral index, emg, signal quality indicator, suppression ratio, spectral edge frequency
what  the numerical  values mean for example 40-60 patient is adequately sedated, o means no brain activity, 100 means pt is awake.
signal quality index (SQI) bar and the suppression ratio (SR) number – See more at:
Some of the key benefits of BIS monitoring include  minimizes awareness during surgery,
BIS monitors include an EMG bar graph. The higher the EMG, the greater the muscle activity, and therefore the less reliable the BIS index.2 Because the BIS index tends to increase as EMG increases, a patient with a high EMG level (greater than 50 decibels) may be more deeply sedated than his BIS value indicates.3 With this in mind, pay close attention to your patient’s EMG value; if you suspect it’s affecting your patient’s BIS index, request an order for a muscle relaxant, which can significantly decrease the EMG activity without changing the patient’s level of sedation.3 – See more at:
Limitations of BIS monitoring
The two most common medications that affect BIS monitor ketamine and etomidate. How do they affect the BIS elaborate a little more.
Its not accurate on pt with neurological disorders.