Assignment 2: Patient Data

Create a Patient class for the Wrightstown Hospital Billing Department. Include a patient ID number, name, age, and amount due to the hospital. Include properties and any other methods you need.

Override the ToString() method to return all the details for a patient. Write an application that prompts the user for data for five Patients. Sort them in patient ID number order and display them all, including a total amount owed.

Save the program as

Using the Patient class as a base, derive an InsuredPatient class. An InsuredPatient contains all the data of a Patient, plus fields to hold an insurance company name, and the percentage of the hospital bill the insurance company will pay. Insurance payments are based on the following table:

Insurance Company Portion of bill paid by insurance (%) Wrightstown Mutual 80 Red Umbrella 20 All other companies 25

Create an array of five InsuredPatient objects. Create a program that justifies the following:

Prompts the user for all the patient data, plus the name of the insurance company; the insurance company set accessor determines the percentage paid. Overrides the parent class ToString() method to include the name of the insurance company,

the percent paid, and the amount due after the insurance has been applied to the bill. Sorts all the records in ID number order and display them with a total amount due from all insured patients. Save the program as PatientDemo2.cs.

Write an application that uses an extension method for the Patient class. The method computes and returns a Patient’s quarterly insurance payment (one-fourth of the annual premium). The application should allow the user to enter data for five Patients and then display all the Patient data for each, including the quarterly payment.

Save the program as PatientDemo3.cs.

ALSO: I need a screenshot of how the GUI’s (buttons, labels, graphs, etc.) will look in the program