Computing and Systems Development: Networking Technologies – Leahurst Veterinary Hospital


1. Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions
2. A range of credible sources of information have been used to identify appropriate products and solutions
3. Effective judgements have been made when selecting appropriate hardware and software
4. Select design and apply appropriate methods/techniques
5. Material presented is clearly and directly related to the scenario
6. Present and Communicate Findings
7. Material is presented in a logical and accurate manner matching the stated requirements for each task.
8. Appropriate levels of material are presented, taking into account the target audience.
9. Some use of referencing is made
10. Use critical reflection to evaluate your own work & justify valid conclusions
11. Proposals offer clearly justified matches to the requirements, with alternatives being discussed. These must be real and different alternatives, not just another variation on the same basic solutions.
12. The work demonstrates a clear understanding of the overall requirements of the client as well as the individual system requirements.
13. Take responsibility for managing and organising activities. Independent research, outside that provided in class, has been utilised to prepare the work
14. Demonstrate convergent, lateral & creative thinking.
15. Solutions presented show an innovative approach to systems design based on the latest available equipment.
16. A clear understanding of the current trends in networking technology is demonstrated by the specification of systems that will handle future requirements appropriately.
17. Assignment is completed fully to deadline