Research Paper

Introduction to Community and Population Health: HSHA 332
“A Community Health Approach”

Your textbook focuses on a variety of subjects that are recognized issues within communities, as well as the public in general. However, for this research project we will focus more on the community. Select a subject issue from the list provided below, and follow the roadmap.

? Health of the elderly
? Maternal, infant, and child health issues
? Adolescents and young adults
? Adult health issues
? Mental health issues
? Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs
? Environmental health and safety
? Racial and ethnic populations
Treat this roadmap as a guide. I do not expect that every item below pertains to your subject, but it’s designed to provide direction. With that said, the student is expected to use available information that is relevant to the subject matter at hand. Add additional information/items as necessary.

1. Briefly define your subject, and discuss how your subject is considered a community health issue.
a. How is it a problem?
b. Why is it a problem?
c. What population(s) are affected?
d. What health issues are involved?
• Health problems
• Health risks
• Diseases
• Mortality
• Various illnesses

2. Provide a detailed account of your subject’s history within the community. In other words, has it always been an issue within the community? At what point in time was it considered a community health issue?

3. From the list above, at a minimum, select two other subjects that have a direct affect on your particular subject. Discuss the interrelationship between your subject and the other subjects you have chosen. How are they linked?
a. Describe the direct impact and/or affect the other subjects have on your subject.
b. What is the direct impact and/or affect within the community?
c. What is its overall health impact within the community?

4. Health care.
a. What is the impact on the health care system?
b. Is there an issue with the delivery of health care?

5. Addressing the problem: community involvement, program development, and program implementation.
a. How will you organize the community regarding your health issue?
b. How will you get the community involved?
c. What program(s) will you put in place to address the issue(s)?
• What health education program(s) will you develop? Describe.
• What type of health promotion program(s) will you develop? Describe.
d. Is a disease prevention program applicable? Explain.
e. What about your interventions?
Things to Include:

1. In your discussion you are to provide statistics and data in support of your talking points (i.e., health outcomes, morbidity rates, mortality rates, etc.).

2. Your response should focus on certain demographics or population groups that are affected (i.e., children, adults, seniors, male or female, certain age groups, etc.), or you may provide an all-inclusive general discussion, singling-out a specific population where appropriate.

3. Keep in mind, the information on the first page should be used as a tool to help guide your discussion. It is up to you to determine the “what,” “where,” “why,” and “how,” regarding the subject matter you choose to discuss.

4. A minimum of three sources are required; the textbook can count as one. At least two identifiable sources will need to come from journals and other sources.

Hint: The “references” at the end of the chapters of your textbook, can be very valuable sources.
Grading: Among other things, your paper will be graded partially for its substance, the information used from the sources cited, and the quality of content in your paper.

Point Deductions: Among other things, points will be deducted for the following:
• Misspelled words, incorrect use of words, missing or incorrect use of commas (colons, semi-colons, apostrophes, etc.).

• Incorrect syntax (sentence structure).

• Obvious overuse of small paragraphs (as a means of taking-up space and filling-up the page), and obvious creation of space (as a means of taking-up space and filling-up the page).

• Ten (10) points will be deducted for every page not completed. Keep in mind, this paper is a required eight-page minimum. So, for example, if you only submit 6 pages, twenty (20) points will automatically be deducted; ten points for each missing page.

Paper Formatting & Submission Instructions

1. The paper must contain at least 8 full-length pages.

2. 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced text, and one-inch margins all around.

3. Include page numbers.

4. Adhere to a recognized writing style for formatting citations throughout the paper, and the bibliography.

5. Provide transitions to the next topic/subject matter that are clear.

6. Have clear topics introducing the subject matter being discussed.

7. The title page and bibliography does not count toward the required page total.