Clinical In-service

Student Learning Assignment/Project

Clinical In-service:

The student will select a topic relevant to active aging and rehabilitation, and develop and present a professional in-service. The student will be responsible for necessary materials, scheduling and provision of references and resources used.
DEVELOP TREATMENT MATERIAL BASED ON PATIENT NEEDS. I have decided to develop at least TEN treatment worksheets that therapists at this facility can use as skilled intervention for patients with cognitive deficits. I will put these cognitive worksheets in a binder with explanation (5 pages) on how to use them. I also need you to discuss why Occupational Therapists need to aIDress the issue of cognition when dealing with older adults as it is within our scope of practice. (

I need to look at a blank evaluation form used at this facility, that way I’d be able list the areas of cognition that these worksheets would aIDress during treatment.