Choose one situation in your life where you have been witness to an ethically significant clinical encounter between a health care practitioner and a patient. This can be an event in which you

offered or received care, an event from a loved one’s life or, if you cannot think of any event worth analyzing from your own experience, an event that you have heard of or seen depicted

In a three-part reflection paper aIDress the following: 1) Describe the encounter by offering a narrative account of what happened, including any relevant medical or practical details; 2) muse on

the important issues that arose during the encounter and that may have affected the judgments made by the health care practitioner(s), the patient(s) and any other interested moral agents; 3)

Offer an opinion as to whether or not the encounter resulted in ethically sound judgments and actions on the part of the practitioner(s) and patients(s). If, in your opinion, the encounter was

ethically disturbing, offer an opinion as to how the situation would have been improved if other decisions had been made or other actions taken.
1) Gaudium et Spes, numbers 1-3, 12-18 ?2) “On the Enigmatic Character of Health,” in The Enigma of Health by Hans- Georg Gadamer (pgs. 103-116)
3) Immanuel Kant: From “Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Morals” (Ethics: The Essential Writings, pgs. 188-203)?4) John Stuart Mill: From “Utilitarianism” (Ethics: The Essential Writings,

pgs. 225-248)