basically a health promotion intervention that I had to do myself and to write a report about.
It is about healthy eating where I should aim to eat better and healthier in 8 weeks time

I attached instruction and template to complete the report that you should follow.

For the introduction: you should explain why not eating healthy is bad with reference. and how eating healthy can for example
decrease risk of disease etc.

and then overview ofthe whole report.

Action Plan:

followthe template and I will post my contract that you could get help from to complete this part.


followtemplate as I told you 8 week health initiative to eat healthy and outcome measure was a questionaire from this website that I also cited in the


l pad application called(myfitnesspal) That I used to track my eating diary

Results: I included a table of my resultsthat you should explain.


followthe instruction in the template and you should use reference from journal articles only
Recommendations and