Based on a hospitality sub-sector of your choice, you are to:

Identify and analyse an innovation for your sector and evaluate how your innovation will lead to potential success for organisations in your sector.
This is an open assessment task which should be equivalent to 2500 words. By “open” we mean that you are can discuss with your tutor the exact nature of your assessment format (method and structure). Please note that it is indeed acceptable to submit a “word” document but we would like to encourage you to be innovative and creative with this assignment by exploring an alternative approach to written work.
Some examples of work which can be submitted are:
• a PowerPoint presentation with an integrated ‘voice-over’
• diagrams and flowcharts with annotations
• ‘mind maps’ and/or cartoons with accompanying commentary
• a series of linked documents (Word, Powerpoint etc), joined up with a overview’ document providing the structure
• a video
• a screencast
• a series of electronic ‘posters’.

Key points to note when completing this assignment
• The innovation that you identify must be something which currently does not exist in your sector. You can choose to apply an innovation from another sector in the hospitality industry, an innovation from another industry or create your own innovation.
• Analyse what is innovative about the innovation selected. It is not sufficient to only identify the innovation; you must justify what makes this an innovation. You should use the various innovation theories covered in class and those learnt from your own research to help you to develop this part of your assignment.
• Provide an overview of your sector.
• Evaluate how your innovation will lead to success for organisations in your given sector.
• Provide viable recommendations for the next steps forward for the organisations in your sector.
• Even though you are allowed to produce your assignment in an alternative format to a word document, please remember that whatever format you choose engagement with the literature and theory is appropriate and important.
• Please ensure that the work you develop is capable of being assessed against the criteria provided below.
• Once you have decided on the format of your assignment, please have a discussion with your tutor regarding this to ensure it is appropriate.

Do not plagiarise from other sources. This must be all your own work! Students are to include a copy of their Turnitin output as part of their assignment submission.
Any requests for extensions should be submitted to your course leader, using the standard EC 1 form, at least 24 hrs before the due hand in.