Topic: Arguing for the legal clinical use of cannabis as a pain relief drug in Australia

Order Description

This assignment is all about the arguement FOR medicinal marijuana (and/or cannabis drugs)TO TREAT PAIN to be sold legally in Australia.

One page must be on more recent clinical trials(including safety information – toxicology, pharmacology, efficacy)

and the other page should be on suggestions for good manufacturing process (quality, purity, batch variation,labelling, storage, size etc.) Citing regulatory documents from the TGA website and other GMP “Good manufacturing practise” databases.

7 references to be for the 2nd page and approximately 7 for the first page stuff.
Only second page can be from sites.

The TGA is

Basically, this assignment is just to argue FOR marijuana or marijuana-derived drugs and it’s effectiveness at treating pain, showing the tga all the facts on safety, efficacy mostly. It will be used for an oral presentation, so lots of really good facts will be good.