Overview: Life Review – Ego Integrity Research (Erikson)

In preparation for the Life Review interview, you will research the theories of Erik Erikson. This assignment will help you record, organize, and analyze important information about Erikson’s Stages of Development.


At the completion of the interview, you may be able to determine the degree to which the client has achieved ego integrity as defined by Erikson (1986).  Failure to achieve ego integration may manifest itself in disgust and/or fear of death.  Nurses can encourage elders to write about their life experiences by assigning topics which can be shared with a group or can use a guided interview to provide a sense of continuity and experience the human need for connectedness.  Life that can be viewed across years may balance the highs and lows with a sense of completeness, as opposed to remembering the regrets.


Performance Objectives:

  • Apply gerontologic nursing principles and standards in nursing practice across the continuum of elder care.
  • Use current evidence and theories in care of older adults.