choosing the topic read several sources on this topic as well as some ofthe recommended readings forthe course of Rhetorical writing 1001,
and will need to have a basic idea ofwhat your overall position on the topic will be. For example, you should have a hypothesis about the
type of rhetoric used in debates on yourtopic, and whetherthose arguments’ use of rhetoric is effective, ethical, educational, persuasive, or manipulative.

To complete the task, it is will needed to:

1. Select an appropriate topic fortheirfinal essay, complete some research into the topic, and develop a hypothesis that can be supported by a rhetorical analysis.

2. Create a detailed essay outline on their chosen topic.

a. The outline should include quotes and/or references to at least three sources (one ofwhich must be related to a

rhetorical concept).

b. The outline should also include argumentative subheadings and transition statements that describe the logical links between each section.

c. Finally, the outline should include a brief hypothesis statement that makes a claim about how rhetoric is used in arguments to do with the topic.

3. Provide a rationale forthe essay structure. Create a short (3-4 sentences) statement, included at the

end ofthe same document as the outline, describing the rationale forthe chosen structure ofthe essay. Advanced statements of rationale will employ rhetorical terms to explain choices made during the arrangement ofthe essay.

4. Include a list ofworks cited that conforms to a recognizable referencing style.

write in a variety of modes by presenting a reflective statement that responds to feedback and plans forfuture improvement.