Select a problem to aIDress either within nursing as a professional field or within the organization where you work. Narrow down your options by considering which change would best be undertaken by an interprofessional team.

Some examples within the nursing discipline include (PICK ONE ):

· Using mobile and portable technology to support patients.

· Using evidence–based practice (EBP) to improve patient care.

· Increasing patient safety and quality of care. The use of medical technology such as genes and stem cells, or robots in the OR.

· AIDressing the nursing shortage now and into the future.

· Improving the work environment (providing calm, supportive spaces for nurses; improved dialogue between health care professionals).

· Improving safety for nurses at work (violence, spreading diseases, or physical injury).

· Dealing with abuse by health care professionals.

Alternatively, you can narrow the scope to an issue within your own organization:

· Developing a mobility program for an inpatient unit.

· Implementing “smart” technology to assist in patient monitoring.

· Creating a mentoring program to attract and retain nurses.

· Implementing protocols for infection control or treatment of an epidemic (or both).

· Developing a plan to eliminate physical violence and verbal abuse in the workplace.

· Other issue.

Once you have selected an issue to aIDress, look for scholarly and professional articles that focus on the problem, the needed change, and how interprofessional teams can work together to drive change.

Complete the following:

· Describe the problem briefly, along with how it impacts the organization, patients, or the nursing profession (or all of these).

· Describe possible evidence–based interventions for the problem.

· Analyze potential barriers and resistance to change that might come from the organization, patients, or colleagues (or all of these).

· Describe strategies to overcome barriers and resistance to change.

· Develop a plan to implement evidence–based interventions. What steps would you take? What resources might you need?

· Identify other health care professionals to enlist as team members to help drive change in the organization.

Your completed assignment should be 4 pages in length, not including the title page and reference page. Support your statements and intervention plan with references to and citations for at least 4 scholarly or professional resources. Be sure to follow APA guidelines for style and format.