Thesis: Although there are many ‘’vulnerables’’ in our society, these days
especially in the fashion industry unreal imagery aggravates and multiples
the number of new vulnerables and because of this, marketing practices
should be softened and directed for positive purposes in the name of
physical and mental health of the society.

1 Introduction to the topic -Mentioning about the case of Mina, a
friend of mine who suffered from bulimia and extreme weight loss
(statistical evidence might be added in order to make the
argument stronger)
2 Introduction- George G. Brenkert, Marketing on Vulnerable from
the book
3 Expanding the Argument of George Brenkert about the
4 Defining vulnerables and who are the new vulnerables that
Brenkert did not add to his argument
5 Defendable point : George Brenkert is right about his argument
about vulnerables however he did not expanded his argument by
including the fact that in modeling industry the models and both
the majority of the people who are affected by this unreal imagery
are also become the vulnerables
6 Suggestions- Giving suggestions about the use of further
marketing practices that would not create new vulnerables and not
make the companies go out of business (include the concrete
evidence-look which companies did it)
7 Referring to the arguments and relating to the thesis statement
8 Ansewring the questions that has been brought up in