Affordable Health Care Act

Project description
Each student will submit a 4-6 page research paper on either a piece of legislation, an executive order, or a Supreme Court case, enacted or decided since 2000 by the

US federal government. The tool of policy that you chose must be active, meaning that it is a law that has been passed and is currently enforced, it is an executive

order that has not been rescinded, or it is a Supreme Court case that has been decided and not overturned.

Students will use this paper to analyze the example of governmental power/action of their choice by explaining the action to the best of their understanding and then

putting the issue in context of the broader scope of government. For starters, ask yourself what does this action say about the power of the branch? How does it affect

the power of the branch as given by the Constitution? How does this action affect the relationship between the acting branch and the other branches? Use these

questions as a basis for your paper but expand on these ideas from there. Analysis is based on data and facts, not suppositions. Challenge yourself to present

statistics or scholarly evidence to back up your analysis.
For this paper, students may only use scholarly, peer reviewed sources or governmental documents. You may access research databases, Lexis Nexis for material that can

help you develop the analysis associated with this paper and the websites of the US House of Representatives, US Senate, White House, or US Supreme Court to help you

determine your topic. For Supreme Court cases, I would encourage you to use law reviews, such as those published by Duke or Harvard. Content that is derived from

outside sources will take points away from the analysis component of the grading rubric.

Cover page, with student information, and Bibliography are not included in the overall page limits
-Citations must appear as in text citations or footnotes and in a bibliography page, no endnotes.
-You must have a minimum of 2 sources- from scholarly, peer reviewed sources or government sources only