Topic: Adolescent Eating Disorders

Subject area: Healthcare

Number of pages: 5

Writing style: APA

Type of document: Research Paper

Academic level: Undergraduate

Number of sources/references: 3

COMMUNITY ISSUE PAPER THIS PAPER WILL BE ON ADOLESCENT EATING DISORDERS. I WILL NEED PDF COPIES OF THE REFERENCES USED. VERY STRICT APA (6th edition) FORMATTING RULES will be enforced. Please don’t send me unproofread, poorly-written work. I Will not approve such work and will ask for a full refund if you send me an incoherent paper. I do not have time for multiple revisions on this paper.
You MUST have your cover page and reference pages not included in pages of the body of the paper.
Identify a community need that exists in the Cedar Rapids (or another community) area that would have a Mental Health, Pediatrics, and/or Obstetrics component. An example would be drug abuse during pregnancy (and how that affects mental health, the child, etc.).
Once you have identified your community and health care issue, research and see what resources are currently available, or not available, to meet the need of your community issue. Complete a search of evidence-based sources to help you identify appropriate resource needs for that particular community/issue (best practice, etc.). AIDitionally this search should result in supporting the need for existing or current resources in place at this time; or demonstrate a lack of services that SHOULD be available.
Identify specifically what resources need to be developed or available for this population/issue based on your evidence-based search. Your next step will be to identify what agency would be the most appropriate to handle these resources and why. Explain the issue and focus on the problem that needs to be changed, along with how one would go about promoting change.
12 Point font
Double Spaced
Cover page
Minimum of 5 pages (not counting reference page or cover page)
Reference page and citations (at least 3) must be done correctly in APA format
See the Community Issue Rubric for aIDitional specific criteria
Place paper into the appropriate drop box by your specific due date.
Course competencies this paper correlates with:
1. Utilize critical thinking, delegation, priority setting and problem solving
skills throughout the nursing process to identify and prioritize care of
high risk childbearing women, children, mental health patients and their
2. Utilize information technologies to access information when developing
an evidence-based plan of care that includes cultural, spiritual, and
developmentally appropriate interventions related to health promotion
and high-risk health alterations of the mental
health patients.
Explores ideas vigorously (issue/position), supports points fully using a balance of subjective and objective evidence, and reasons effectively making useful distinctions.
AIDresses all elements of the assignment thoroughly.
Utilizes required number of resources (evidence-based 3).
4 Points
Clearly identifies community need based on community profile/stats. Able to identify at least 2 resources in the community that exist currently/OR identifies what type of resource and services are needed for the community; and what agency would be a good match for providing services in community.
3 points
Develops ideas cogently, organizes them logically with paragraphs and connects them with effective transitions. Clear and specific introduction and conclusion.
2 points
Employs words with fluency, develops concise standard English sentences, and balances a variety of sentence structures effectively.
The writing is essentially error-free in terms of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
2 points
APA formatting is essentially error free.