A couple of weeks ago you wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper, describing how communities influence the health of their residents. The editor has received a great number of compliments about the information you shared. People in town have heard about the idea of forming a coalition and want to know more. Therefore, you have been asked to write a weekly article.

For this week’s column, you want to raise awareness of chronic diseases because you’ve heard many people say they will probably develop a chronic disease as a natural part of getting older. This should be an educational article, not an opinion piece.

In your 2 – 3 page essay, please address the following:

1. Provide a one paragraph overview of the various types of chronic diseases.

2. Identify one chronichealth conditiontheSummervillageCommunity Coalitionshouldbe especially concerned about.

3. Explain the power of prevention as opposed to treating the disease after it develops. Give some examples.

4. What steps has your State taken to prevent or reduce the burden of this chronic disease?


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Please make in text citations and include reference/work cited.